Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Beautimous Day

Hey, Gang:

I had a good day today! Things are blooming and children are playing. I've sat outside a few times on the patio, drinking alcoholic beverages and eating dinner. I have three plants outside, struggling to survive, since they got a bit frosty over the freak Nor'Easter a few weeks ago.

This is all a bonus since the last month has been sheer Heck at work. It was like all my FPs held a conference and decided they would brake NY State mandates for foster care and see if I would notice . . . just to keep me on my toes. Then, when I find out, I hyperventilate, call my boss, squeal, hyperventilate, and figure out how to proceed with recovery efforts the next day. EEEK!!

Well, thinks seem on an even keel this week, but it's only Tuesday. Who knows what kind of bomb tomorrow may bring. At the same time, I am taking the time out to enjoy a glass of wine and bask in the calm before another storm brews on the horizon, or unexpectedly dumps from the heavens.

If the weather keeps up, I'll definitely buy a shitload of plants to throw onto our deck. Wish me luck. I LOOOVE this weather!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hellish Things in the North Country

I've discovered something more diabolical than New York drivers--New York State tax forms. I just spend an hour and a half filling out my state income tax (including the oh-so confusing "Clothing and Foot Apparel Tax Declaration" sub-form) to discover I get a whopping $12 return in state taxes. The only problem is, I need to file another income form because New York won't accept a W-2.

Fuck it.

Let the bureaucrats put me away in the joint.

There is something to be said about the Tabor Amendment.

Holy Cripes, I sound just like a Republican . . . shudder . . .

Since it is snowing "wintry mix" here, I thought I should mention that as well.