Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cinamon Rolls and Black Coffee

It's the first day of fall--my favorite season. I have all my sweaters thrown around the apartment, and I decide I am tired of them all. I found a decent thrift store yesterday and I bought two sweaters and some matching hand-painted teacups and saucers. I noticed a decent piece of furniture to refinish, and art-deco dresser and mirror, but the asking price is too steep for the bother of hauling it home and baptizing it in stripper, sand paper, and varnish.

I show off my finds to Hun. He looks unimpressed with them all. He asks me if I plan on washing the sweaters before I wear them. He reminds me we have plenty of teacups and mugs bursting forth from our cabinets. I explain I plan to decorate with them, not drink with them.

I make birthday lasagna for Hun in the kitchen. He comes to kiss me and investigate my progress.

While the lasagna is baking, I wallop Hun at backgammon. Thunder crashes and rain pours down from the sky.

We rush outside and test Hun's new rain gear. He is in awe of the GorTex contraption, playing with all the little gadgets. He is in heaven.

Although my jacket keeps my torso relatively dry, my jeans are soaked.

We return to our apartment. Hun still praises the virtues of his new raincoat. I peel off my soaked jeans. Hun points out the only dry spot on my jeans is the area around my butt. He snickers and I roll my eyes--but I smile anyway.

Hun takes out the lasagna to cool. He wallops me at backgammon.

We eat lasagna and watch Jack Bauer save the world yet again on 24.

I make cinnamon rolls and black coffee this morning . . . mmmm . . . I love fall.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Joys of SOCMOB

"I was just standin' on the corna, mindin' my own bizness, when I . . ."

. . . get knifed in the chest, accosted by two gentlemen who shove crack cocaine in my pockets, impregnate a woman just by looking at her, get struck by lightning. Take your pick. I have a kid on my caseload whose life is a Madlib set of excuses.


I also have two files to be audited tomorrow. I found out this morning.


I cringe at hearing about a former friend wishing her life were more glam and rich in a letter to herself.


I wish I had time to watch T.V.

Get over it.

Will write more later, while I'm working this weekend.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Simple Life

This morning I woke up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

I drove around town to find a "huge yard sale" by Santa Maria College. It was a huge disappointment instead--the yard sale was across the street.

I'm at Hun's school, pirating computer time because my ancient PC decided not to turn on yesterday morning. I guess I should donate her to the Met as an archaeological artifact.

Now we are debating about getting a new-ish computer to replace my old one. Hun looked up Palm Trios that have as much juice as my now-dead computer had in its prime.

I have yet to write one thank-you note for wedding gifts, etc. I will be doing that Sunday, since it is a day of thanks and rest, I guess.

Last weekend, Hun taped back on my side mirror. I need to desperately get an oil change, and have a mechanic peek under the hood to tell me how much I will need to invest in Norma Jean (my car) to pass a NY safety inspection.