Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New York, New York!

Well, y'all I've had a heck of a couple of weeks.

Suffice to say, I've had little time to take my boots off between training, supervising visits, and getting my new foster homes used to my hard-assed ways. As a result, I'm a bad 'blogger', whatever that means. I'm slowly getting set into a routine with my homes and I have gained the confidence of some of my foster parents to wig-out once and a while.

Although Hun and I can't make it to Colorado for the Holidays, we've been thinking of y'all in spirit. I got to see my newlywed friends in New York City a couple of weeks ago (hence known as QT and HUN2). It was a blast. We ran around Ellis Island, Battery Park, Midtown, Central Park, you name it.

Hun and I also braved the 'Black Friday' crazies along 5th Avenue and saw some amazing stuff at the Met. We also got to check out Rockerfeller Center and Times Square. The weather has been very mild, so far. I'm halfway losing faith in the horrors of Northeast winters I've been told about by locals.

However, Colorado folks are getting hit. Three feet of snow and systems lining up to hit the Western Slope---AAARG!! I'm so envious I can't stand it!

I have some photos posted on my facebook profile as well. Check it out


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