Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm starting to recover a bit from my work vomit. All in all, a much better week. I actually had a mild thought of how to improve the coming year. I only have two resolutions for 2007 (well, maybe more, but I'm trying to keep it simple):

(1) Take care of myself. That means dying my gray hair and plucking my eyebrows on a regular basis. I might even venture out and add lip gloss to my regime. In general, I will be making more of an effort to keep up my appearance. That way, I might feel better about myself in general and spurn productivity. (This also means exercising more than once a week and eating lunch on a regular basis.) The difficulty is to be religious about this, even when the chips are down.

(2) Make friends. Perhaps joining a book club, yoga class, etc. will spur me to be social vs. working overtime and spurning others. This is kind of part II of "Take care of myself," but if I can't take care of me, how am I expected to take care of others.

Why this sudden change of heart? If I want to keep my job, I need all the stress outlets I can get, and I'm not getting the kind of camaraderie I was hoping for at work (read my facebook note for more insight). I am drowning a bit in East Coast culture shock (a.k.a. second-hand smoke malaise and enmeshment-centered corporate culture) and I gotta start swimming. Dammit all! I will find an evergreen in Albany!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah....ol' cow-woman is kinda blue, too.... and also has resolved to exercise again and eat better and ...never ever take long term sub job just before Christmas. Love, Mom