Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Simple Life

This morning I woke up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

I drove around town to find a "huge yard sale" by Santa Maria College. It was a huge disappointment instead--the yard sale was across the street.

I'm at Hun's school, pirating computer time because my ancient PC decided not to turn on yesterday morning. I guess I should donate her to the Met as an archaeological artifact.

Now we are debating about getting a new-ish computer to replace my old one. Hun looked up Palm Trios that have as much juice as my now-dead computer had in its prime.

I have yet to write one thank-you note for wedding gifts, etc. I will be doing that Sunday, since it is a day of thanks and rest, I guess.

Last weekend, Hun taped back on my side mirror. I need to desperately get an oil change, and have a mechanic peek under the hood to tell me how much I will need to invest in Norma Jean (my car) to pass a NY safety inspection.

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