Thursday, January 10, 2008


Just returned from a mandatory pep rally, featuring our fearless leader. He wanted to encourage the troops about all the great work we do in "touching children" (ewwwww!) He said he used to touch many children, but now, he rarely does. He has to rely on folks like me to touch as many children as we can. YEAH BABY!!

He talked about all the great work the agency has done, including the foster-care program growing in leaps and bounds. (Due to work of by our office. However, he forgot to mention that--spank you very much.) He didn't get around to naming my boss, or any of my coworkers . . . but he did single out some of them . . .

. . . for not paying proper attention to him. One of my coworkers received playful looks by others in my office because tomorrow is her last day (she accepted a position for a county agency--yeehaw for her). Our fearless leader was discussing employment retention at the time.

"Is there some kind of joke I'm not getting? Would someone like to share?" barked our fearless leader from the podium. All the sudden, MAs and clinicians were reduced to the age of 10-year-olds. Wide-eyed, silent questions of Did he just say that? flashed across the room.

He continued to talk about touching children, how our agency was a great place to work, and really, even though some of us from the audience were looking at him like he was fake and didn't care--he really did. (I vote for fake, myself.)

So, in case our fearless leader is worried that no one was paying enough attention to him, I want to assure him I was listening to every word . . . YEAH BABY!!

I agree on his view that our agency has done great work. I am proud of doing what I do--as much as I bitch about the system. I disagree with the whole touching children and families--that's just creepy.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

OK cowgirl - tell me what a cow - orker is. Is it some kinda weird whale/shark thang that you have to milk?

Cowgirl Betty said...

When cows live in Colorado, they are called cow-loradoans. When they live in New York, they're known as cow-orkers. Cows from selected Asian countries are cow-nese.

Dang-nabbit, DP, for an old git, ya don't know yer nose from a hole in the ground!

Kimchihead said...

What's this business about touching children? As in "touching the lives of children"? or physically touching them, like pinching their face when they do something cute?

Cowgirl Betty said...

I really hope it's either touching lives or pinching cheeks. I don't even want to go into the whole good touch vs. bad touch possibilities. Again--just creepy.

Anonymous said...

like the new look. heffer