Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's a Blizzard at Procrastination Central

Well, Folks:

Mother Nature helped me with a whoppin' excuse for not imputing my paperwork on the NYS CONNX system, a database tracking families involved with DSS. She finally blessed us with one of her famed Nor'easter' storms. The Capital Region has been upgraded to a "Blizzard Warning" from a "Winter Storm Warning". This means, we will simply have snow and wind, as opposed to the "Wintry Mix" dumping south of Albany.

To those of you who never encountered the euphemistic term "Wintry Mix", it is the politically correct phrase for "icy shit". I guess icy shit--I mean, wintry mix--has feelings too. This is an odd phrase to me because, as a general rule, Upstaters and NYC urbanites aren't a politically correct bunch. Their driving is evidence they don't give a rat's ass what others might think of them or anything else.

I had a couple of phone calls today from foster folks, and I spent a couple of hours checking in with families yesterday via phone. I have a few work-related things to do today, but not much.

After completing this blog, my plans are: sweeping off the deck before it gets too deep and/or collapses, completing some paperwork poodoo, fixin' a pot of green chili, folding lotsa laundry, and--last but not least--sweeping the off the deck again before it gets too deep and/or collapses.

I LOVE snow days! It makes me feel a little less homesick. All I need is a cat to curl up in my lap, but I guess Hun's ball python will have to do.


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Anonymous said...

I loved snow days too...that is until this winter of endless dirty, gray deep, sh-tuff....but we're going to have a few days of warm which will keep us from breaking the record...for most days with snow on the record, just a bunch of days of yuk!! Heffer