Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Final Countdown

Hey, Folks!

As most of y'all already know, Hun and I are getting hitched soon--like next week! Both of us are very excited, and we are in the process of getting ready for the trip to Jamaica and then back to the Centennial State (Colorado) for a couple of weeks. We look forward to seeing friends and family, eating decent Mexican food, and a pilgrimage to REI.

Both of us are busy as bees to tidy things up for work and research projects, and we are making some headway. Foster parents are in a state of spazz right now, due to the start of summer vacation. I'm a bit frustrated myself, since they have no idea what it's like to nurture truly high-needs children.

Well, three days and counting!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - how's married life?
Nugget Handler