Friday, June 01, 2007

Oooff! I'm tuckered!

Only 30 more days and counting until Hun and I are off to Jamaica to get hitched. Quite a few friends and family are coming to see the show and enjoy some well-earned R&R time. Hun and I just finished some spring cleaning today. I took the day off, since I came into work on Memorial Day.

Tomorrow we are off to the city. We will be spending a night in a student hotel in Midtown, famous for its tapas bar and the European would-be models who bunk there. Hun is excited at the prospect of seeing the Museum of Natural History and rubbing shoulders with models. I am looking forward browsing some of the neighborhoods and knowing I'll be the one with the biggest rack sleeping in our hotel (compared to all the flat-chested models--unless some Ambercrombie pectorals are under the same roof).

I plan on taking a shower, watching some bad horror movies, and painting my toes.



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Anonymous said...

it is toe painting season isn't it? now what color am I in the mood for? did you add those cute stickers on your big toes???? i liked those!