Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Joys of Modern Technology

Sorry for the dearth of posts, but I have been curtailed at the prospect of youtube video stardom. Hun offered to download some nonlinear editing freeware off the internet. As a result, he also downloaded some kind of virus. I am fortunate to have such a great husband who is willing to waste hours of valuable study time so I can have my artistic dream. Unfortunately, the virus is quite, well, virulent and we can't seem to shake it off Hun's computer.

My campaign for a new computer continues, but it has been dampened a bit. Hun and I got trapped when his truck got towed by one the more virulent parasites haunting Albany. We parked in the McDonald's lot off of Pearl Street to go to dinner across the street. A tow company in town hire scouts to post at various locations to wait for people to park there, and then get their car towed a few minutes later. The scout gets a kickback from the tow and storage fees. We were in the restaurant for a half hour. I so fucking love this town.

That, combined with a speeding ticket I received about a month ago, and us registering our driving license to NY State, it set us back a pretty penny, and Christmas is around the corner. Therefore, we will be adults and delay some gratification for a couple of months.

Once Hun's computer is back on line, I will abscond with it when the weather turns crummy and I'm stuck at home working through a Nor'Easter.

More postings later . . .


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