Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Snow Cometh

The snow is finally here! I did travel in it a bit today, and it was a bit skittish getting back home, but navigable. I have a compliment for NY State drivers finally: they do pretty well in the snow. The give you plenty of space, and they know when to speed up and when to slow down and when to get out of the way. That's pretty much the New York attitude in a crisis.

As for other driving traits when the weather is clear. . . well . . . I'm sure there are some good points I haven't noticed.

Hun and I plan to skid out of town on Saturday by train to Philadelphia to see all the historic sites. Wish us luck if we make it! No unique or interesting stories just yet. Will update with more later. Any good ideas?



Rybu said...

I live in Ann Arbor. We got about 8 inches last night and it is supposed to continue all day. Bleh

Cowgirl Betty said...

It continues to snow. So much for wondering if there will be a "white Christmas" this year.

I don't mind snow, it's the icey shit that kills my soul a little when it falls from the sky.