Saturday, January 13, 2007


It's raining outside and Hun and I worked out this morning. Once properly motivated, I'll head to the kitchen and start cooking a brisket, marinating a chicken for some pesto-pasta stuff, and putting away clothes--all agenda items I've been procrastinating for the past week.

Date night was last night with Hun and me. He's currently studying in his . . . well . . . study. Dog, our friendly ball python who shares our home and heater, is resting from a recent gorging of white mice.

This week, I conversed with a foster parent while he was butchering a deer he killed earlier that morning. He got me to hold out a plastic bag while he dropped a skinned haunch in. (His hands were covered with blood and would mess up the cardboard box holding the remaining bags.) The deer's tongue was dangling out to the side, and the face showed an expression of surprise. A bucket of blood and guts sloshed around the concrete floor as he quickly worked.

Once I left the home, I realized I was a bit peckish, so I sauntered over the McDonald's drive-in and grabbed a Grade E cheeseburger of unknown protein origins. I scarfed it down on the drive back home without regard of the disembowelment I just witnessed.

Good times.

I told Hun all about it and he couldn't have been prouder.

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Anonymous said...

Good one. ol' Heffer