Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Year of the Psycho-Toddler

Well folks, another year has flown by and another has begun. I am still having adventures at my current job, more details to come . . .

My year has already been filled with ups and downs. Hun introduced him to some friends and sig others at a New Years party. We played Cranium and it was a decent amount of fun. Although, most folks talked about TV and video games, instead of places to hike. Oh well, but here's to networking!

As far as this week went, I had a runaway, a pending runaway, and a past-threatening runaway now-come community-college enrollee. (Lots of ups and downs to say the least.) I also am stuck with taking a TCI course (aka How To Wrestle Children Safely and Successfully) for the next few weeks, cutting the time I actually can get work done to about half. Oh well, t'is life.

I signed up for some meetup groups in Albany, mostly wanna-be writers' groups for myself and even some outdoors enthusiasts' groups. Wish me luck!

Well, my friends in Colorado are missed. But Hun and I are doing fine and have gotten a chance to enjoy the cooler weather this week. We were wondering if everyone around here was full of bullshit when talking about "you haven't experienced a real winter until you've experienced a Northeast winter." We even got our first cumulative snowfall for the season a couple of days ago. I'm glad it's been a bit more chilly.

Anywho, as they say here, We'll tawlk aboutit lata.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you signed up for some groups. Ol' Heffer

jordan said...

who is this?

Cowgirl Betty said...

No worries . . . I hit the "Browse" button on the top of my blog and yours came up. I took a gander and enjoyed your frankness and your voice. I thought I should pay good writing a compliment.

Cowgirl Betty said...

In regards to the mysterious psycho-toddler, well I spend an afternoon a week transporting a youngun to visit her sister. She can be a bit of a terror. She's a tad histrionic, even for a 5-year-old girl, much like my emotions after moving to a new place. She has the youthful promise of the future, with the psychotic insecurity of feeling constantly uprooted.