Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Joys of Cyberstalking

Hmmm . . .

I've been researching all-inclusive resorts to exploit banana republics for our looming honeymoon/wedding, and I've also been piecing together a new facebook group and blog site to keep wedding info up to date.

In between all this research and composition, I've gone on a cybersurfing expedition, slumming around other profiles of facebook friends, clicking onto "view next blog" to see what comes up. I got very excited when the other Nugget Handler joined facebook and commented on his profile picture, I viewed a blog of an ex-friend to keep informed of her comings and goings at a safe distance, I 'poked' various friends and family, and I even wrote a fanspam to a random blogpage I encountered.

It's odd how we all can keep up with friends and strangers so far away, but have little--if any--knowledge about the next-door neighbor.

I got a frantic, "who is this?" reply to my fanspam. I then realized, "Oh, dear, I'm officially a cyberstalker!" I can't say as I blame any leery questioning. Writing random replies to blogs is the equivalent on knocking on a strange door at 2am. It's unsure whether the intentions are benign.

A couple of months ago, I kept on getting 'poked' on my facebook account by some Vietnam veteran with a penchant for mobiles. I finally blocked the guy from my profile, reporting to the site he seemed harmless enough, but I didn't know him and he kept bugging me.

I also have kept photos on the site to a minimum, and try to have minimal identifiers for myself and other friends I write about in my blog. I don't want anyone to figure out where I live and steal Hun and/or my collections of tea mugs away.

Anywho, I guess I should figure out what is cybercourtesy, how to write fanspam in a nonthreatening manner, or perhaps--horror of horrors--get out in the real world and actually interact with my fellow human beings . . .

. . . naaah


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