Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sunday List: Much ado about nothing, or the missing blog

I got an interesting (and unnecessary) apology from my friend, for my last blog entry. She was very generous and memed me in a link-exchange, hoping to increase some of my readership. The meme she participated in, as well as I, sparked a debate at one of the FuelMyBlog forums. (Might I add--FuelMyBlog is a really great site if you want to find like-minded bloggers to exchange ideas, find interesting sites, and meet new friends.) The forum discussed the ethics of the meme, discussing if it was putting those on the top end of the list at a higher advantage regarding linking-- and linking to other sites unethically inflating some of their blog ratings.

The whole deal got me off my my lazy arse and started figuring out some of this high-tootin' fenangled goo-gaa stuff about ratings, technorati, and all that is tossed around the 'net like a sack of hot cow-pucky. The below is my humble unscientific analysis about the whole subject:

(1) Technorati's rating system are pretty controversial. I read an interesting analysis at Sacred Cow Dung. Those with low ratings to begin with, well--It's like using a sprat to catch a mackerel(A fellow blogger's assessment wasn't far off the mark). Whenever even one other site links up to a sprat like me, my ratings jump up. That's because I distinguished myself from all the other ghostly blogs out there abandoned by their creators.

(2) The higher you climb with technorati, the harder it is to maintain your status, and the more sites you need to have linked to yours--because it take a lot more links to have your rating rise by even one rank. As far as getting even to the top 100, or even top 10,000--you have to be a friggin' giant--like Google, or MSN, etc. to achieve such status. No matter how many sites link to yours, a search engine, or monster media service will always win out. (P.S. Google--I think you're swell for hosting blogger for hostile little upstart cowgirls like me . . . if I do offend.)

(3) This leads to an inverse curve--a big red flag in statistical analysis--in finding any significance in the data (or so I'm told). In other words, relative to the giants--whose rating might have some significance--we are all lumped in the same statistical pile. In other words, technorati's ratings don't mean a hill of beans. My "authority" jumped up with the meme, but I'm still in the same league as those who have a lower rating and less "authority" along with those who have higher "authority" than myself. It's a shame how people really get fired up (and market researchers, etc.) about technorati's ratings and authority distinguishing a "scientific" basis for the value of a site.

(4) In my humble opinion, It's all about content, content, and content! (But it's a bit too subjective and not easy to assess for market analysts.) There are a ton of folks out there who have damn good blogs with ratings next to nothing alongside with high-quality blogs with ratings that reflect their work.

My conclusion: I can see how both sides of the debate can justify their reaction--my response is the whole business really isn't reflective of anything. If participating in a link exchange is the worst thing I do in the world, well--I'm still golden. I also didn't take in a stray kitty, pissed off a shitload of kiddos, caseworkers, and foster parents, etc, etc.--all in a day's work. Will I participate in one again? Probably not. I don't want to feel like I should even participate in the technorati gravy train. For those who are serious bloggers who do, have at it. But from what I found out--technorati isn't able to rank the importance of a personal blog. It really doesn't matter. Unfortunately, a lot of advertisers look at technorati ratings.

I'm really glad other great bloggers helped me get off my arse and find out for myself about the whole hulabaloo. Statistically speaking, the whole schpeel about site ratings is much ado about nothing. Unfortunately, a lot of folks out there hang their hat on the value of a rating--and that's the scary part, because so many other blogs with lower ratings go unnoticed.

If anyone asks why I removed the Bang!! Bang!! You're memed!! blog below, I decided not to bother with it. It's fine for folks to participate in this blog in my book--heck, I did it too. But I really don't want to rock the boat for those who fight for their ratings, and I don't want others to think my blog has more "authority"than others without reading it for themselves. I also took myself off the master list to be fair to those who are participating.

Aw, shoot. I'm tuckered! To take care of myself, I will watch The Man With the Golden Gun, and eat something with a condiment. I imagine I'll get a field of comments regarding my little diatribe. That's all good. I'll cowgirl up and keep my ears open. I might learn some more about the vastness that is the internet and rating whatnot before it is all done ; )




Daddy Papersurfer said...

I got to 'lazy arse' and my mind went elsewhere - tee hee.

Well thought through and analysed young Betty ........ it's me that's the lazy arse ...... but you know that!

Going on holiday now!!!!!

Monday Morning Power said...


You asked me to remove your site from the Big Bang. I, immediately, did remove it. However, I am very curious as to why you wanted it removed. The list is steadily growing at about 30-35 sites per day since I began this project. You are the only one who opted in ("I believe in the power of the meme") and then opted out.

I am really curious.


Shinade said...

Good For you Betty,
I admire anyone who stands by their beliefs. That shows real integrity. Which I always knew you had anyway.

As for me...I really didn't see it the way others did. I tried very hard to pick out good blogs that might could use the exposure.

But, I myself mught just sit the next one out too!!

Now with that said.....and, this is not a meme.

I did share some link love today with some bloggers that I truly enjoy. And I listed you.

I think you have a great deal to offer and I hope some of the others will come and visit.

No need to reply or's simply from the heart!!

LOL...I even got DaddyP:):)

tNb said...


I, for one, am quite content with my lowly stats and paltry readership. There is no right or wrong, but for me this blogging experience is more about reading quality content and engaging with a few great people, not about the quantity of hits or ratings.

tNb said...

Ack, did I lose my comment??

Okay, here's the short version: BRAVO!


Rybu said...

OH no, now my technorati authority went down since you got rid of the post! Just kidding. Stick to your organic growth. Thats the way we should do it!

Cowgirl Betty said...

Hey y'all!!

DP-You old git! I hope you're shins are better and Lo packs some salve. Worship her like the goddess you know she is while in the Land Down Under. Honestly, thanks for stirring the pot. ; )

Shinade-Thanks for the recommendation, and wanting to help me gain exposure. I do truly appreciate the thought. Your are one of the sweetest folks out there. May all your cowgirl dreams come true!

TnB-No, you're comment didn't get lost--I have comment moderation and your comment was released from it's holding cell. (HAHAHAHAHA!!!)This is not a democratic blog but a land ruled by the authoritarian grip of Betty.; )

Thanks, though. I feel the same way about blogging at the end of the day. To keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones--I don't blog professionally, but for fun. For those who blog for bucks--my hat's off to ya!

Mel-I'm sorry you're still confused after my post. But I will email you later for any clarification. Good luck with your meme, I'm just choosing not to tag along.

Cowgirl Betty said...

RybuLOL! I like being a small fish in a big sea . . . as well as finding a small school of like-minded guppies to swim with!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

'Guppy'??? - I thought you were a 'Yuppy' - that's put a whole different complexion on things - and you know me, I simply love complex.

[OK - I'll go away now on my hols - Portugal actually - take care]

Shinade said...

Just popping in to add to my I don't like to do list.

I have given this great thought.

Please add me to every category:)